Heritage Family Credit Union is working to help protect your information by keeping your documents securely in one place, while helping to go green at the same time, but we need your help! In the near future, all active users of eBranch online banking will be prompted to review an updated user disclosure at login.

By accepting this disclosure, you will be electing to opt-in to electronic statements (eStatements) and documents for both deposit accounts and Emerald Visa® credit cards, if applicable. For Business members, credit card preferences, if applicable, will not change unless you contact Business Services at 802.747.2337 to request electronic credit card statements. If you already have eStatements set as your preference for deposit and credit card accounts, you will still be asked to accept this disclosure, however no changes will be made to your statement preferences.

You have the right to cancel and withdraw your consent for eStatements at any time. You may do so by navigating to "Documents & Statements" in eBranch and clicking the “Statements” toggle switch, contacting our Call Center at 888.252.8932, connecting through HFCUVT Video Branch, or visiting any of our branches.

eStatements are available to our members the day they are issued, so you will no longer need to wait days to receive them in your mailbox. In addition, eStatements are more secure than paper statements, as there’s no chance of them being misplaced or lost in the mail. You’ll be helping HFCU to save paper, reducing your own personal shredding pile, and eliminating the hassle of searching for documents at home.

You must be an active eBranch user in order to opt-in to eStatements. You may use any device (computer, tablet, phone) by using an internet browser or the eBranch app to access eBranch. eStatements are provided to HFCU members without any charge to the member. As you move forward from changing your statement preference to eStatements, your statements will begin to appear monthly in the Documents and Statements tab – and eventually you will have access to up to three years of prior statements in eBranch. Even if you withdraw your consent, previous eStatements will be accessible for up to three years.

The statement and notices provided to you electronically will not also be sent out as a paper copy. You may at any time log into your eBranch and save or print out a copy for your records. If you require a paper copy to be mailed to you or would like to request a copy in person, fees will apply.